About HyperMosaic

Mosaic marketing for food, farms, wellness, and more

HyperMosaic, nestled in the heart of Richmond, VA, is not just another marketing and web design firm. We embody the essence of mosaic thinking – a perspective that transforms ordinary brand visibility into an extraordinary tapestry of messages and values. Our vision extends beyond the single tile to envisage the grand design of your bigger picture, your full story.

From the humble roots of local farms to the dynamic world of food businesses, and the nurturing realm of wellness ventures, our services are tuned to amplify your voice. At HyperMosaic, our ethos is woven with refreshing transparency, limitless creativity, and a steadfast commitment that regards your business as an extension of our family.

Let’s think mosaically together and help your business hum to life.

Meet the HyperMosaic Team

Adam Norman Marketing Consultant

Adam Norman

Web Designer, Marketing Consultant

Adam blends his background in computer science, film and media, and agency consulting to drive innovative web design and marketing solutions. His journey includes roles such as a digital media director at a fast-growing startup and an agency consultant, where he honed his skills in integrations. Adam’s work is a creative amalgamation of his passions—photography, graphic design, writing, and coding. Guided by kindness and a dedication to continuous learning, Adam is committed to nurturing Richmond, Virginia through HyperMosaic.

Glen Terwilliger

Brand Engagement Consultant

Glen excels in generating excitement and conversation around brands on social media. A Virginia Tech alumnus with a background in psychology, he skillfully applies his understanding of human behavior to craft content that captivates and engages. Known for keeping projects on track with his easygoing and personable demeanor, Glen ensures everything at HyperMosaic runs smoothly. When he’s not creating buzz online, you can find him on the pickleball court, showcasing the same enthusiasm and team spirit that he brings to his professional role.

Carson Sweezy

Growth & Content Strategist

Carson is a master at nurturing connections through the universal language of food and entertainment. His ability to weave engaging stories is not just a professional skill, but a personal passion, reflected in his love for culinary arts. In his free time, Carson’s kitchen becomes a playground for creativity, where he experiments with flavors and shares his gastronomic creations with friends and family. His unique blend of professional acumen and personal interests makes him integral to HyperMosaic’s mission of creating meaningful connections.


Director of Barketing

Bunji, HyperMosaic’s energetic blue heeler and esteemed Director of Barketing, brings a playful and spirited approach to the team. With her Bachelor of Fine Barks (BFB) and a Pawlitzer Prize under her collar, Bunji excels in sniffing out superb solutions. Her favorite pastime includes a spirited game of tug of war, showcasing her tenacity and teamwork skills. Known for accepting her payments in delicious peanut butter and soothing belly rubs, Bunji adds a unique and joyful dynamic to the office. Bunji’s infectious zest for life and professional prowess make her a treasured and indispensable part of the HyperMosaic pack.